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of america. >> 1500 died, only 30 were classified as innocent civilians and there were about 50 police officers that died. >> it's a classic turf war between different cartels. >> they spent 23 years fighting for the drug enforcement administration. recently retired he was in charge of global operations for the dea's 5300 special agents. >> along the southwest border is some of the most lucrative turf in the world. location, location, location. >> ten billion dollars in bulk cash grows the u.s.-mexico border on a given day related to drug trafficking. >> ten billion narco trafficking dollars is on par with the tourism industry which generated about $13 billion for mexico. during his presidential campaign felipe calderon vowed to crack down on the cartels. >> the army came in with about 2,000 troops. felipe calderon sent 5,000 additional army troops that will join the police department. >> 45,000 soldiers have been deployed all across mexico, a quarter of the army is now committed to fighting narco terror. >> since december 2006, he has waged a miserable battle against the narco kings m
fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. >> good evening. i'm martin savidge. >>> scottish officials were already under fire even before they made it official yesterday and allowed a convicted terrorist to fly home to libya to die. the outrage only deepened today after these pictures of libyans celebrating abdel baset al megrahi's release were broadcast around the world. al megrahi, of course, was convicted for the 1988 bombing of pan am 103 over lockerbie, scotland. the terror attack killed 270 people. and today, once again, many people were demanding to know just why had he been set free. this matter of justice is once again our "lead focus" tonight. >> reporter: abdel baset al megrahi should not be welcomed back to tripoli, that was the message, the warning to libya from president obama in america. the demand responsible for the deaths of 270 people, the biggest terrorist attack in britain was treated more like a celebrity or royalty changed into a dark suit, he was met off of the plane and then repeatedly hugged by colonel gadhafi's own so
," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- china expresses its strong opposition. it does not like tie 1's invitation to the dollar llama. and he sailed around the road, but he is not old enough to drive. a british teenager complete the voyage. -- and he sailed around the world, but he is not old enough to drive. hello to you. bbc has discovered many cases of corruption involving iraqi security forces. the police and army are widely blamed for failing to stop the current wave of bombings. there is concern that there is endemic corruption undermining their efforts. two months ago, they took over responsibility for security in iraq as american troops pulled back. the life-and-death question now -- can they prove they are up to the job? we have this report from andrew north. >> the attack on the foreign ministry. a suicide bomber last week. seconds before it detonated it right outside. the foreign minister tells us the iraqi army, police were partly responsible. >> the iraqi security forces should have done a better job because there w
hundreds. what's happening to the security america has spent and sacrificed to bring about? >>> how to measure success in america's other war in afghanistan. ares its first progress report. >>> we'll take you airborne to look at an extraordinary effort by the u.s. military to save lives in the middle of the war, welcome aboard an air ambulance. >>> and germany wants a million electric vehicles on the road by 2020. we'll plug you in on how they plan to do it. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here's what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." made possible, in part, by the following funders -- major support has also been provided by the peter g. peterson foundation dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. >> good evening, i'm martin savidge. >>> if you woke up this morning and turned on the news you might have felt a sense of discouragement about what you were hearing out of afghanistan and iraq. more than 5,000 american troops have died in those two countries since troops were de
charged with trading them. 150 years since the start of america's oil rush. we're now in the place where it began. >> then natural gas that is being developed in this country at this point and time may get us to energy independence. >> years after britain declared war on hitler's germany, a new exhibition reveals what went on in winston churchill's secret underground bunker. >> it is 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in london, and 1:00 p.m. in berlin. the israeli prime minister is meeting german chancellor merkel. the country's share a unique history. the trip includes various reminders of the holocaust. two issues are likely to dominate today's talks. the question of the settlements in the west bank, which germany opposes, and what to do about iran, which netanyahu describes as a threat to israel. >> this is the last leg of benjamin netanyahu's four-day tour. it follows talks in london, during which time hopes were raised that there could be agreements on settlements in the west bank. israel is said to be ready to restrict construction. it may not be the comprehensive freeze that the ame
that while america has turned over security to the iraqis, iraq is not secure. >>> facts of life. new insight into america's health. we are living longer, and the death rates for major diseases are falling. >>> dirty dealers. extraordinary undercover video reveals just how easy it is to buy a gun illegally. >>> and, sour notes. the proud members of the truly terrible orchestra, and the the proud members of the truly terrible orchestra, and the music they make. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. we begin tonight with two stories literally about life and death. we have new insight into the state of america's health. we are living longer than ever. there are advances against major diseases. minorities enjoy better health, and we'll get to that in a moment. but we also got a reminder that sudden death at the hands of terrorists is still a reality in iraq. a wave of explosions throughout baghdad killed nearly 100 people and injured hundreds more today. and the 130,000 u.s. troops in that country could do little to help. under the terms of the security agreement, demanded by the iraqi
he did lives on. for his family, he was a bargain. for america, and he was the defender of a dream. -- for his family, he was of guardian. >> we look at ted kennedy's legacy as the leading liberal in washington. welcome to "bbc world news." , broadcast you our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. >> i am mike embley in london. 70% -- 17% of the vote now counted. president karzai edges against his main rival. and one of iraq's influential leaders has died in exile in tehran. >> hello. he was the best known as american politician ever to make it -- never to make it to the white house. senator kidney -- kidnapping -- center -- senator kennedy died after a yearlong battle with brain cancer. he fought for so many causes, and the tributes have flowed in from friend and foe alike. but his career was limited by self-inflicted wounds. adam brooks reports. >> the death of edward kennedy, known as ted, leads a chasm in american politics. hughes was one of the most effective politicians of the last century -- he was one of the most effective politicians of the last century. his
. what's happening to the security america has spent and sacrifice to bringabout? >>> how to measure success in america's other warn afanistan. ares its first progress report. >>> we'll take you airborne to look a an extraordinary effort by the u.s. military to save lives in t middle of the war, welcome aboard anir amlance. >>> d germanyants a million ectric vehiclesn the road by 2020. we'll plug you in on how they plan to do it. >>> fromhe world's leading reporters and analyst here's what's happeni from around the rld. this is "worfocus." made possible, in pa, by th following funder-- major support ha also been provided bthe peter g. peterson foundatio dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibity dddressing key economic allenges facing america's future. >> gd evening, i'm martin savidge. >>> if youoke up this mning and turnedn the news you might have felt a sense of discouragement aut what you were hring outf afghanistan and iraq. more tha5,000 american trps have die in those two countries nce troops were ployed to afghanistan in the fall of 2001 and iraq in e spring of 2003. and hune
to the vfw on america's two foreign wars and the troops who are fighting them. you'll see it live right here in the "newsroom.." >>> two and a half months in the hurricane sen and bill and claude it light up the radar. hello, everyone. i'm kieyra phillips. you're live here in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- >>> and they fought for you. who fights for them. american veterans focused health care. we're pushing forward on both fronts. a live address to the vfw in this hour and a congressional session of conservative opponents to the health plan. you know we've covered their causes and criseses to tainted equipment at v.a. hospitals. there are people stories, not number stories. we can't ignore numbers like these. almost a million unprocessed claims. if claims are denied it can take a year and a half, sometimes much longer to go through the appeals. factor in a passionate fight to overhaul the nation's health care system and this becomes the scene outside president's adegree. cnn's ed henry joins me live. how does it push into this for reform? we sure know they want it.
to a surprise drop in america's jobless. a fresh conflict in georgia edging closer? welcome to bbc world news. it is broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later for you -- just like old times. hillary clinton looks up an old friend in south africa. [inaudible] >> and the comedy crunch. performers are making light of the global recession. hello to you. ed there are strong indications that pakistan's most wanted man, taliban commander baitullah mehsud, has been killed. he is believed to be leading al- qaeda's campaign to make pakistan ungovernable. sources have said that he is killed and buried, killed in a u.s. air strike on wednesday. this is from our correspondent in as, bob -- islamabad. >> baitullah mehsud is rarely seen in public. the white house has called him "a murderous thug." >> we have clear information that so far we do not have any evidence to confirm that he is dead. there were several killed during these attacks. these are indications. >> he is accused of masterminding the assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto, as well as dozens of other att
america." the head of the ntsb will be here with the latest on the investigation. that's this morning starting at 7:00. >>> we are following a developing story in iraq this morning where a devastating wave of bombings has left dozens dead. near the northern city of mosul two truck bombs targeted a shiite neighborhood. at least 25 people were killed and more than 70 hurt. and in baghdad, two car bombs targeting construction workers killed at least 16 people and left more than 80 injured. no group has claimed responsibility, but the attacks appear to be the work of al qaeda. >>> president obama is in guadalajara, mexico for a summit of north american leaders. topping the agenda is the growing health threat from the h1n1. emily schmichmidt joins us with preview. >> reporter: the next flu season is just around the corner. that's why today president obama will talk about how to fight the flu in the country where it began. president barack obama's summit with mexican and canadian leaders marks his first meeting with the united states' closest neighbors. that proximity means the h1n1 swine f
reduced to tears because she fears her america has been taken away. >> i am an american citizen. i hate what my america has turned into. i want it back. i don't think representatives and senators are going to be able to do it. i'm scared. >> we talk tonight with our own jonathan alters. is the fear, is that scare that is in evidence at that meeting and other town hall meetings, is it about the health care plan or fear and anger about the man who won the presidential election november last? and is there an odd sense here we could have been looking at these side yos from something that came from a mccain/palin rally? >> it does seem reminiscent of some of those rallies. they are right on the edge there advocating violence or other kind of things. there is kind of a crack in the commonsense of america right now. in some ways this is good for passage of the bill. if we didn't hear about all this and the anger and wackiness of some of these town meetings, we might confuse what is going on there with american public opinion. we are now at a point where we are beyond that. i think in some ways
with the great majority of that funding devoted to iraq and afghanistan. over that period, america's reliance on contractors has grown to unprecedented proportions, to support logistics, security and reconstruction efforts related to those operations. more than 240,000 contract employees, about 80% of them foreign nationals work in iraq and afghanistan at one time to support the department of defense. additional contractor employees support the department of state and the u.s. agency for international development. contractor employees outnumber u.s. military personnel in both theaters. they have a critical mission and according to reports from the military in theater, they are doing an exceptionally good job providing security, transportation, meals, laundry and other services. the questions raised today in no way detract from the overwhelming good opinions of contractors' support for u.s. missions or obscure the fact that nearly 1,400 contract contract employees have died on duty in. the government's concerns about the ability to evaluate the costs of contractor services and provide good ste
. very warm welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast here on pbs in america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- the changing landscape of china i joined energy needs. why the country faces a challenge on climate change. and the family way -- house success in japanese politics means having the right relatives. -- how successful in japanese politics means having the right relatives. hello to you. the obama administration announced a new units you interrogate high level terror suspects, supervised by the white house itself. this as new details emerge in the abuse of prisoners in the first years of the so-called war on terror. prosecutions of the cia and now look possible, but this brings on a new dilemmas. our correspondent is in washington. >> is renewed focus on the cia tactics is -- this renewed focus on cia tactics is creating headlines. leon panetta has said he is standing up for officers that it did what his country asked of them. some in the intelligence community feel that they are being made scapegoats for what they did in a time of national cris
, republican sarah palin wrote the america i know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with down syndrome will have to stand in front of obama's death panel. so his bureaucrats can decide whether they are worthy of health care. such a system is downright evil. in his weekly address, president obama fired back at opponents. >> and let me start by dispelling the outlandish rumors that reform will promote euthanasia or cut medicaid or bring about a government takeover of health care. that's simply not true. >> this week the president heads to new hampshire for a town hall meeting on health care. later, he'll visit montana, home state of max baucus, a key democrat trying to negotiate a deal on health care reform. elaine quijano, cnn, the white house. >> and of course, we do want to hear your thoughts on health care. send us your i-reports at >>> president obama holding talks at the top of the hour with the leaders of canada and mexico. the north american summit taking place in guadalajara is focusing on the fight against swine flu. plus regional trade issues and the drug
family, he was a guardian. fo america, he was the defender of a dream. >> from a civil rights to batts over health care,e look at ted kennedy' legacy as the leing liberal in washingto welco to "bbc world news" . broadcast pbs here in america. i am -- 17% ofhe votes arnow counted. presiden karznches ahead in e afghanistan election. abl aziz ak-kim has died in exile in tehra >> hello. he s the bestknown american politician never to make it to the white house. senator edward kennedy has died afr a yearlong btle with brai cancer president obama scribed him as "th greatest senator of our time." he hd achieved so much,rom civil ghts to health care reform, and tributlowed in from a political foe a friends alike. this fromur north american editor. >> they called him the last line of the senate. he was the youngest of the kennedy clan who had bece kingmaker d never came, lofty aspirationundermined b deep persal flaws. the united states is in mournin but itis democra to agree thathe most. d by the president. >> he is one othe most accomplished americans er to serve our democcy. his etraordinary
. the extraordinary good that he did lives on. for his family, he was a guardian. for america, he was the defender of a dream. >> from a civil rights to battles over health care, we look at ted kennedy's legacy as the leading liberal in washington welcome to "bbc world news." . broadcast on pbs here in america. i am -- 17% of the votes are now counted. president karzai inches ahead in the afghanistan election. abdul aziz ak-hakim has died in exile in tehran. >> hello. he was the best known american politician never to make it to the white house. senator edward kennedy has died after a yearlong battle with brain cancer. president obama described him as "the greatest senator of our time." he had achieved so much, from civil rights to health care reform, and tributes flowed in from a political foe and friends alike. this from our north american editor. >> they called him the last line of the senate. he was the youngest of the kennedy clan who had become kingmaker and never came, lofty aspirations undermined by deep personal flaws. the united states is in mourning, but it is democrats to agree that th
will be taken away but she fears her america has been taken away. >> i cannot believe america has turned into what it has turned into, and -- i don't think they're going to be able to do it. i'm scared. >> we all are. >> much to talk about with our own john nin alter, senior editor of "newsweek" magazine. thanks for coming in. >> thank you have that scare, that evidence at that town hall meeting and others about the health care plan negotiated by congress or fear and anger about the man who won the presidential election november, last, and is there an odd sense we could have been looking at these videos at something that might have came from a mccain/palin rally? >> right on the edge there of advocating violence, or other kinds of things. there is a kind of crack in the common sense of america right now. you're starting to see that. but in some ways this is. >> for passage of the bill, because if we didn't hear about all this and the anger and wackiness of some of these town meetings, we might actually confuse what's going on there with american public opinion, and we're now at a point i
. this is not a war of choice. this is a war of necessity. those who attacked america on 9/11 are plotting to do so again. gecko vo: you see, it's not just telling people geico could save 'em hundreds on car insurance. it's actually doing it. gecko vo: businessmen say "hard work equals success." well, you're looking at, arguably, the world's most successful businessgecko. gecko vo: first rule of "hard work equals success." gecko vo: that's why geico is consistently rated excellent or better in terms of financial strength. gecko vo: second rule: "don't steal a coworker's egg salad, 'specially if it's marked "the gecko." come on people. >> in just over two hours the people of afghanistan will begin risking their lives doing what we take for granted -- voting for president. they paid a high price of taliban attacks and bombings, taken the lives of seven afghan election workers and six u.s. troops. the carnage isn't confined to afghanistan today. a series of six explosions in baghdad left 95 people dead and at least 500 wounded. it is the deadliest day in iraq since u.s. troops pulled out of cities and
on as the president of the united states tries to say, hey, america, i have it right, here's the plan, please accept it. it's not going well. why is it that it's not going well? is it the republican's fault? perhaps it's not. steve: perhaps it is the fact that the president and his people are selling it the wrong way. and, in fact, if you take a look at what's going on right now, there's kind of an intraparty war going on because over the weekend kathleen cebellius said that government option was not an essential part of the president's plan and the far left suddenly goes, wait a minute, this isn't going to pass without that. plus you look at how there's been the model on that and how the president has tried selling it essentially in the beginning as it's going to be about costs and stuff like that. he didn't really show americans how it's going to impact them. that's been the real disconnect. i've already got insurance and i like my insurance. you want me to change everything? how's it going to impact me? the president has failed in that respect. gretchen: there are three competing bills right now.
this past week and i will show you why israel's security is crucial to our own safety right here in america. >> christian contemporary stars point of grace will be here to perform a beautiful song about the relationships between fathers and daughters. >> there have been great moments in sports history. when athletes guaranteed something. do you remember the legendary story of babe ruth pointing toward center field, promising he would hit a home run, and he did? or when new york jets cornerback joe namath stunned the sports world with this guarantee that the jets would beat the baltimore colts in the super bowl. super bowl iii. of course it doesn't always work out like a storybook. in the 2000 nba playoffs, your next-door after doing guaranteed his team would beat the indiana pacers in game six and keep their season alive. ewing missed his last six shots and the pacers won the game and the series. >> this week, president obama pointed his bat at the congress. and he gave it residential guarantee. >> i guarantee you, joe, we're going to get healthcare reform done. speed can the challenge for
have america targeting individuals. how would it stand up. >> the legality was a real question. nato wanted to draft a real request against the policy. if you look at the example in latin america, going after the big guys is not necessarily the the legal inspector is fed by this drug money. that's the key. thank you for your time. >> thank you. this is world news today. coming up. it's been called a schmidt of the three amigos. how they have banded possiblity >> divers in new york have recovered 7 of the 9 bobies from the hospital crash. rescue feems are using sown ar to recognize. on board, five members from a family from italy celebrating a wedding anniversary. the wife had stayed behind on the ground. the others took the 12 minute tourist trick frjt >> the safety board is not going to release information about the victims that have been recovered. the police chief is handling all of the victim recovery i.d. they will release names only with permission the plane has been found up to 60 feet under water. the family on board seems to be a family from pennsylvania. the plane hadn't fi
john ashcroft looks back, not in anger, but in awe, in "never again, securing america and restoring justice," ashcroft writes about his role in wake of 9/11 and his defense of the patriot act. >>> and still to come, former vice president cheney's memoirs scheduled for publication in spring of 2011. that should be interesting. he's expected to give detailed accounts on differences with his boss, specifically in their second term. and former defense secretary donald rumsfeld also has a book deal. his book will cover his entire political career. >>> former swimsuit model murdered and mutilated and jammed in a suitcase. the manhunt intensifies for her reality star ex-husband. fancy feast appetizers. simple high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon, white meat chicken, or seabass and shrimp in a delicate broth, prepared without by-products or fillers. new fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment. >>> unemployment's high and credit is tight. but the fed says recovery is still on the way, and soon. my health is important to me. it's critical that i stick to my medication. i can
. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. >>> welcome back to the most news in the morning. 26 minutes of a the hour. it's a long way from mexico but coastal maine, believe it or not, has become an emerging market for mexican drug cartels. >> the drug in demand, not marijuana, cocaine but heroin, a story you'll see only on american morning. >> reporter: when you think of the war on drugs you think inner cities, new york, chicago, l.a., d.c., but coastal maine? you may be surprised to hear heroin has become a huge problem too big to contain. lighthouse, lobsters. >> heroin, more heroin. >> and heroin? >> it's scary. >> thousands of miles from the drug cartels of mexico, this bucolic place in a mecca for heroin use. this detective has been working for decades. he says he's seen it all but never this. >> my case load for heroin has tripled over the last three years. >> that's incredible. >> yeah, i
reform is on the rise in america. less is the president going to be a one term president if it means getting this passed. >> dave: a new audio of an airline pilot taking the air traffic control to please let passengers off that judge after being stranded on the tarmac for six hours. we will give you the passengers understandably angry reactions coming up next. >> clayton: hurricane built already bringing lots of rain. we give you the latest on the first of major hurricane of the season. our slogan this one comes from james in florida. from hurricane built to capitol hill, "fox & friends" made no show. >> announcer: is "fox & friends". >> clayton: look at the studio and look who's back. >> alysin: welcome back dave. >> dave: vacation was wonderful, therapeutic, beautiful weather, relaxing except for the fact is all parents can relate with your vacation with your two kids and three others, there is no relaxation. >> clayton: did you -- this is how gung ho he was. he went so far as to purchase a book that's optimistic. >> clayton: it didn't get cracked open because of the kids. >> dave
us to trust turning power over to the government when there clearly are people in america who believe in establishing euthanasia including standards. >> let me explain what reform will mean for you and let me start by dispelling the outlandish rumors reform will promote euthanasia or cut medicaid or bring about a government takeover of health care. that's simply not true. >>> welcome to the dog days of august. joe scarborough with you on "morning joe" along with the new and improved, back from northeast harbor, mika brzezinski, and just crazier than ever. >> she looks rested. >> she does. also we have willie geist here. >> willie. >> actually we on "morning joe" do support turning willie over to the death penalty but, i mean, it's nothing personal. we have to cut somewhere. we have to cut somewhere. it's like logan's run, they all about around in those track suits and then they walk -- you can live to 30 and it's a great life. do you remember it from the 1970s? >> do you know what i'm looking forward to is when the new administration takes power and you're trying to get an ambassadors
to recapture the spirit of innovation that has always moved america forward. that means once again having the best educated, highest skilled work force in the world. that means a health care system that makes it possible for entrepreneurs to innovate and businesses to compete without being saddled with skyrocketing insurance costs. >> reporter: so as the country tries to climb out of the economic doldrums, president obama, they're trying to make the case once again that part of what will help the recovery is to overhaul the nation's health care system. the president basically saying, look, that is a way to aleve some of the economic pressure facing america's businesses. >> what about republicans? what's on their agenda? >> reporter: as you can imagine, republicans are continuing to say what they've said all along here, they say, let's get this thing done right. let's not rush it. that's esexually what we heard in today's republican address. also, republicans raise the issue of cost. take a listen. >> in this difficult recession, americans and/or government are already overextended. the de
. >> with everybody in america had the provisions that our members have, there wouldn't be a health care crisis. >> reporter: it's like a health care cooperative, a community-based, nonprofit organization owned by its members, a group that uses its strength in numbers to negotiate competitive rates with health care providers. and that's an idea gaining traction on capitol hill. robert burns, a professor of health care management at the university of pennsylvania, said the key to co-ops is size. 20,000 to 50,000 enrolles minimum needed. >> if they're not big enough, then they won't be able to do either of those two things, hold down the administrative costs internally or negotiate good rates externally. >> reporter: even then it may not be enough. do you see health care co-ops as the silver bullet to this debate? >> no. as i told my class last night, it's part of the silver buckshot. >> reporter: so, one of many that needs to be done for health care reform. he agrees, it may not suit everyone's health care needs, but he's at least hoping that it will force americans to think outside the box. >>
." >>. >>> divers look for bodies in the hudson river. >>> a growing appetite in small town america. good morning, everyone. i'm tony harris and you are in the cnn "newsroom." temperatures are reaching a pitch and the chanting, the yelling, the hard to reach the debate through all of the noise. to determine what happens with health care reform, we'll cut through all of that noise and get to the issues and the real concerns. we are hearing some of those concerns and questions in a town hall meeting that is wrapping up right now in missouri. it is sponsored by democratic senator clair mckas sill and covering the town hall in missouri and she joins us live. brianna, you just heard moments ago and the folks at home heard as well, there's been so much noise with some of the town halls, particularly with the house members, we're talking about a senator here. what's been the tone of this town hall event? >> tony, this event has been very civil. in fact, i have to watch my voice because senator mckas skill is 30 feet away from me and i don't want them to hear me in there. certainly senator mccassil is a
back home. tonight, one of america's closest allies rejects the accusations that it struck a deal to free the lockerbie bomber and reaction from the former leader of the investigation, here in the u.s. >> a present inferno. fire consumes a kentucky prison in the midst of a massive riots. now investigators want to know how the prison descended into chaos. >> plus a victim of its own success. as the cash for clunkers program speeds to its monday cut off, folks across the country are racing to the dealer hoping for a last minute bargain. but some are finding out it's already too late. >> julie: a "fox news" whether alerts. the first atlantic hurricane of the season for the off the east coast tonight churning up rough seas and recurrence. hurricane bill will likely not make landfall here in the u.s. but it is still packing or the forceful winds reaching up to 85 mph. it is ruining one of the last vacation weekends of the summer. one of the states being hit forces of massachusetts. resident obama is traveling there tomorrow with his family. the obama specification on barthes vineyard.
health care reform in general. >> we're america's health insurance companies. supporting burn reforms that congress can build on. >> before congress took its august vacation, democrats branded private insurers immoral villains for opposing a government-run insurance option. >> insurance companies are out there in full force, bomb, shock and awe against the public option. >> the letter waxman offers insurers no explanation at all of what's being investigated or why, but they are after sensitive information and casting a wide net. 52 health insurance companies have until september 4 to provide congress a detailed list of every employee who made over $500,000 a year between 2003-2008. and democrats also want documents related to any corporate conferences or retreats, entertainment, lodging, hotels, food, even entertainment and gifts as part of this inquiry. one industry insiders said it felt a little bit like a reprisal i.r.s. audit in the making. shep? shepard: well, afghanistan, and just about three hours left now until the afghan people start to head to the polls for their presidentia
saw the officer at his door. that is years and decades of fears of a black man in america. an many whites don't see that as justified. the officer, likewise went to the door and saw he had a breaking and entering call. an unknown black man in the house at the moment. he is a human being. he has fears and biases. so i think that both of the took a turn for the worst. and they both probably played into the worst of some of the things we have seen in our country and our history. >> while people's opinions may have changed over the past few days, of the sergeant and professor you, mention, the president getting a lot of flak for, you know stepping into it, he was blamed in part for helping to heat it up. should he also be getting credit now for helping to cool it down? >> i think he should. it would have been easy for him to say i am the president of the united states, i got better things to do. i said what i said. get over it. he didn't dupe that. i think he, we need to remember he is a human being too. and this issue of race is a complicated one in our country. and the dialogue that
the war in 2002 and 2003. bob novak hated america, hated their president and were rooting for america to lose the war. that was coming from bush's closest allies. so i've got to say to bob novak, good job. if you've got the far left after you and far right after you. he did also in the 1990s. republican leadership hated novak because he went after everybody. that's actually -- that's what a journalist is supposed to do. >> yes, it absolutely is. we'll be talking more about bob novak throughout the show and remembering him. >> that's the news at this point. we should check on weather. hurricane bill -- >> by the way, really quickly, for all of you about to write an e-mail. >> no. >> no. hold on. it's okay. how deare bob novak release the name of valerie plame, he hates america, if you could just attach an an e-mail you sent in when the "washington post" released the name of cia programs across the globe that actually endangered american lives, then we'll be more willing to read your e-mail, but, please, just save it because you're a hypocrite. we really don't want to hear from you this
is that this could escalate to an international incident. especially given the tensions between the iraq/iran/america triangle. arwa damon, cnn, baghdad. >> all right, we had gotten this reaction just in from the state department in to cnn. it stays a senior state department official says while they have not had access to the americans they have no reason to doubt the reports of their detention on iranian state tv. also in iran today, more than 100 people who took part in june election protests are on trial, accused of trying to overthrow iran's government. the defendants include a former vice president and other pro-reform political leaders. a prosecutor accuses the defendants of being tools of foreign powers, but reformists are blasting the trials, and they say defendants have been denied access to lawyers. itn has this report for us. >> reporter: this trial is an it tempt by the authorities to defuse the growing criticism in iran of the abusive treatment of these detainees. by bringing about charges of rioting, holding illegal rallies, clashing with security forces, and acting against national sec
caution. very warm welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast here on pbs in america and around the globe. i am mike embley. coming up later for you -- security forces in a rock -- khanate protect the country? -- security forces in iraq -- candidate protect the country? we revisit the baltic states that joined hands for freedom 20 years ago. hello to you. it was outrageous, disgusting, said a white house spokesman. president obama said it was objectionable himself. libya mounted a warm welcome for the man convicted of the lockerbie bombing. terminally ill, abdelbaset ali al-megrahi was freed on compassionate grounds. the government is rejecting suggestions the real reason was to smooth commercial relations with libya. christian frazier reports from tripoli. >> this is certainly how libya wanted this trade -- but how much damage to this celebration of al-megrahi due to the relationship with the outside world? he was welcomed home like a decorated soldier. scottish plaids weighed in jubilation. today, the government kept us away from his family, but we did speak to his brother in law. >> we ar
warm welcome to bbc news, broadcast to our viewers in pbs in america. coming up later for you -- can at security services protect the country? from the soviet union to the european union. we revisit the baltic states that joined hands for freedom 20 years ago. hello. it was outrageous. disgusting, according to a white house spoke of. highly objectionable according to president obama himself. the man convicted of the lockerbie pam am 103 bombing returned and stirs up strong emotions. abdelbaset ali al-megrahi was freed early from a scottish jail on compassionate grounds. they are denying the real reason was to smooth commercial relations with libya. we have more. >> outrage. a hero's welcome. >> the end of abdelbaset ali al- megrahi's journey, but only the beginning of the row would follow. the reception he received sparked an angry reaction in the united states. the white house said it was sending out the wrong message. >> i think the images that we saw in libya yesterday were outrageous and disgusting. we continue to express our condolences to the families who lost loved ones as a r
here onbs in america anaround the globe. i am mike embley. comingp later foryou -- security forces in a rock -- khanate protect e country? -- security forces i iraq -- candidate protect the untry? we revis the baltic states that joined nds for freedom 20 years ago. hello to you. it was outrageous, disgusting, said a white house spokesn. presidt oba saidt was jectionable himself. libya mount a warm welcome r the man cnvicted of the lockerbie mbing. terminally ill, aelbaset ali al-megrahi was freed on compassione grounds. the government is rejecting suggestions the real reason s to smooth commerciarelations with libya. christiafrazier reports from troli. >> thiss certainly ho libya wanted this trade -- but how much damage to th celebration of al-megrahi due to the relaonship with the outside world? he was welmed home like a decorated soldier. scottish plaids wehed in jubilaon. today, the goverent kept us away from his family, but we d speak to his brother in law. >> we are saddenedy the agedy of lockerbie and the people who lost their childn. but i assure you -- he is innocent. if yo
new concerns about america's decision to take troops out of cities. a hotel conference, due to be attended by the iraqi prime minister. democracy in the shadow of a gun, afghans prepared to vote with militants showing that they can disrupt the process. hillary clinton makes a last- ditch effort to keep a bomber behind bars. taking to the water, one of the most congested cities in the world beats the traffic jam. seeking the metaphysical meaning behind the check-in, an airport gets a writer. in is 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in washington, 2:00 in the afternoon in baghdad. the city is reeling in the aftermath of massive explosions, the worst attacks since u.s. troops pulled out. 75 people are dead, hundreds are wounded after two car bombs exploded. the savage attack comes six years to the day after baghdad saw its first act of terrorism in the post saddam hussein era. every time that i check the death toll seems to go up, what is the latest that you have? >> absolutely. just about one hour ago it was over 50 people. now it has risen to at least 75. it is still rising. mor
to high standards. back in 1988, libya was not the only country with a grudge against america. five months before lockerbie, this warship shot down an iran air airbus over the gulf killing all of the passengers. the u.s. navy said that its radar mistook it for a warplane. blowing up a u.s. airliner in revenge would have had a symmetry. >> he is a victim of a gross miscarriage of justice. i am very glad that they are going to grant him a release on compassionate grounds. >> one result of the trial, libya has been largely rehabilitated. after the bombing, the leader of libya was an international pariah. he offered up the two suspects for trial and they paid reparations. britain and america will both reestablish relations. >> the outside world has been grudging in its acceptance of libya. libya has been grudging the world in giving it what it wants. >> what will happen next? this was a welcome home given to the other libyan suspect who was acquitted 8 years ago. when al-megrahi comes home, he will likely get the same. britons think that a line has been drawn over lockerbie, but others have be
states in north america, the but, primarily, it is going to asia. where they have no pollution control. >> we find that california had lost about 25% of its employment, employment and manufacturing sector, and among them, about 33% losses occur in the high-tech sectors. >> reporter: according to a new milliken institute study, california has had close to 80,000 jobs -- shed close to 80,000 jobs over a five year period faster than the national average and research blames the loss on the state's costly environmental and labor regulations. and, the highest industrial tax rate in the u.s. but, some economists argue sacramento simple play cannot afford to cut taxes right now. >> can our business environment be improved? absolutely! would it be good for the state? absolutely, can manufacturing be fostered? absolutely, is this the time to be worrying about this? absolutely not. >> reporter: what has some analysts concerned are federal government plans to adopt national emissions standards. and other regulations and fees similar to california. the concern is that it will lead to huge losses, i
. i can. i can -- most illegal aliens here in america can. why can't the president of the united states produce a birth certificate. there's not anybody in america that's been born in america that didn't get a birth certificate at obama's age. >> is delay a birther? >> he seems to be a dancing birther. this is not entirely outside of the purview. he's always been a bit wingnutty, especially on issues like this. but what's one the illegal alien comment as well? it seems to be ripping off a lot of the ugliest and craziest stuff out there. tom delay is a major high bipartisan. a lot of the protests we're seeing in exacerbation of the hitler nazi rhetoric. so offensive. delay called the epa the gestapo of government. he's taken it to an art form or national disgrace. he's singing the same tune now on "dancing with the stars". >> you think he can dance, though? not going out in the first round. >> i'll take him out the first round. >> we'll have to see if, you know, during the judging or anything he brings politics in to dancing. >> might creep up. >> we'll see. great to see you as al
and france escape recession even as consumer weakness kobls america. >> an exciting new transition. look at that. see that? >> was that like a swipe or something? >> "washington post," france and germany fend off recession. modest growth is the latest sign of global comeback. >> i think i saw willie. all right. washington times, general stanley mcchrystal. >> and "the new york times," collision last weekend between a plane and a sightseeing helicopter bears longtime rift over safety between the f.a.a. and ntsb. they say the faa is slow to react. >> we have exclusive video of the accident which will help shed light on it. "usa today," 40 years ago this week, woodstock threw about 450,000 people to a farm in bethel, new york, for three days of music, mud, and -- >> o.d.d. a lot of o.d.d. back in the day. >> also "usa today," six hours of sleep not enough. a study showing we're absolutely kidding ourselves if we think we can handle less than six hours of sleep. >> does 2 1/2 with two screaming babies -- >> you, by the way, for two years your life is a living hell. >> two years? >> i think a
president himself made to middle class america. >> if you make under $250,000, you will not see your taxes increase by a single dime. not your income taxes, not your payroll taxes, not your capital gains tax. no taxes. >> the white house hasn't commented on whether president obama's officially changed his position on the no tax increases pledge, but i'm wondering how you're absorbing this new information here. should middle class americans be asked to pay more in taxes to reduce the national deficit? this, of course, even though during the campaign, president obama promised there would be no tax hikes for the middle class. i mean what are you willing to do? 1-877-tell-hln. or e-mail us, go to, click under your views, you can text us the word views, comments and name to hlntv. standard text rates do apply, by the way. this segment all about you and your thoughts, thank you for sharing them with us. >>> detroit auto make letters report their july sales today and analysts are expecting some pretty encouraging numbers here. predicts they will show sales jumped more than
did it nine days after the order came out. >> i don't want in america people to be prosecuted for praying. >> that particular piece take up with the judge. the aclu didn't ask for criminal charges. bill: suspend them or something. come on go, to jail for praying? >> the judge is mad. >> the judge is really mad. i read the order. >> probably an atheist though. >> this is punitive. it wasn't even a prayer, guys. it was a blessing at a lunch. >> are you telling me you want a guy to be prosecuted for praying? is that what you want? take care of it civilly. suspend the guy. >> don't even do that reprimand him. the legalese was tough there. you didn't know for sure that you were violating it. bill: calm down down there in florida. don't prosecute for praying. another florida story. here is a woman, young woman 26 years old, gets married and hates her husband and wants to kill him. roll the tape on this because we have got to see the tape. now, the o- ---apparently she hired some hit man and then the cops tell her that the husband is dead but he isn't. because the hit man was a cop.
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